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The longest life and best finishes, without the stinky and harmful chemicals
The KOOLRite™ name has become synonymous with high quality, long lasting metalworking fluids. These products have been delivering unparalleled performance over our competitors for over a decade! KOOLRite™ Long Lasting Coolants are "praised in the shop" because they deliver maximum machinability without compromise.

KOOLRite™ products are "welcome at home," utilizing JTM’s unique BioArmor™ Technology: built-in resistance to bacterial growth without using bactericides, eliminating the stench of a sump gone bad without the harsh skin reactions.

At JTM, we also understand the importance of innovation, the chance to push our products above and beyond where they are currently. Our newest product family, SynMAX™ synthetic metalworking fluids, accomplishes that by utilizing breakthrough technology that allows us to eliminate the oil without compromising machining performance.

The metalworking industry is ever changing with regulatory demands, challenging fluid suppliers to update their fluid formulations. This can cause supply interruptions or worse, the elimination of a product. SynMAX™ and KOOLRite™ products have been formulated without compromise…without questionable components such as chlorinated paraffins, DCHA, DEA, phenols, nitrates, or bactericides. Please visit our Selector Guide to get started in choosing which JTM product meets your needs!
Operators and Owners working with KOOLRite products have experienced:

• No stench in the sump or on clothing

• Improved drill and tap life on aluminum and stainless

• A coolant consumption drop of 15% to 40%, eliminating frequent change-outs

• Excellent bio-stability which minimizes the need for additives

• Multi-metal capability

• High resistance to bacterial and fungi growth

• Reduced annual disposal costs

• Non-staining, non-sticky chemistry that tolerates hard water

• Cleaner machines resulting in lower maintenance and costs related to down-time

• Low foam levels, even on high pressure systems

• Outstanding protection against rust and corrosion

• A user friendly formulation without phenols, bactericides, nitrates, chlorine, DCHA or phosphorus

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Protect Machined Products from Rusting
Protect Machined Products from Rusting

31025 Carter Street, Solon, Ohio 44139
Phone: 800-229-6744 / 440-287-2302
Fax: 440-287-3095

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