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KOOLRite Coolants Provide Distributor Opportunities

JTM Products, Inc. is actively pursuing select additional distributors to represent its premium line of KOOLRite Long Life Coolants.

Our Proven Formulation Already Meets the Expected EPA Ban on Chlorinated Paraffins

The United States EPA is expected to force nearly every user of metalworking coolants to choose a new formulation. That's because nearly all metalworking fluids currently employ chlorinated paraffins as extreme pressure additives … except KoolRite products.

Our coolants have been formulated without mid- or long-chain paraffins since 2007, which means they will be legal after the expected chlorine ban.

So, while other coolant manufacturers experiment with new formulations, you can sell proven KoolRite products with confidence to your customers right now.

Additionally, KOOLRite metalworking fluid line offers you an excellent opportunity to increase your return on sales time. It is a high performance product employing new BioArmor™ Technology that you can sell with confidence to your current customer base and help you penetrate new accounts.

Advantage of the KOOLRite Program for Distributors

Closes per trial Very High
Service after the sale Much Lower than other coolants
Competition Technology that is better than the "Majors"
Financial Larger account base provides opportunity for increased sales of your complementary products

If you currently sell coolants, compare the JTM distributor program to your current supplier.

Premium Performance State-Of-The-Art Coolants

KOOLRite soluble oil cutting fluids are designed to provide distributors with a technological advantage over the competition.

KOOLRite 2290 is a high performance heavy duty coolant. KOOLRite 2270 is a light duty coolant at a modest price. Both are perfect for most shops and applications. Both employ BioArmor Technology to resist bacteria growth more effectively than coolant with biocides. These products will provide superior performance in individual machines as well as central systems.

Customer Reaction

Plants using KOOLRite 2290 have experienced dramatic increases in sump life in every case. In large central systems the use of additives is not necessary. Unlike even the most expensive soluble oil coolants, KOOLRite 2290 will not separate. Gun drilling up to 1500 psi has been done without excessive foam. Operators have widely supported the change to this product.

Superior Coolants Provide Opportunity for Distributors

KOOLRite Coolants: